Don’t forget your skin check!

Skin Cancer Awareness Week: 20th – 26th November 2016

Each year, more than 2000 people in Australia die from skin cancer. Skin Cancer Awareness week is a time when we are reminded of the importance of sun protection and early skin cancer detection.

A few weeks ago, I visited the doctor for my annual skin check. The doctor noticed a spot on the back of my calf that looked a little sinister. I hadnít seen it before, because who regularly looks at the back of their leg?

I had the ‘spot’ removed and it was sent for testing. Thankfully I received the good news that it was in fact, just a mole. Phew!

It is a reminder to us all to have regular skin checks because like most of us, sun protection wasnít something we considered in our younger years and it can catch up with you in later life.

“Keep busy. Keep the family together and there is no such word as can’t!”

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