World Television Day

In 1996, The United Nations proclaimed 21st November as World Television Day. It recognises how television brings world attention to major political, social and economic issues and events.

Residents Vic, Isabelle and Reg from Cumberland View Aged Care Living – Windmill Court shared some memories on how television influenced their lives since it began in Australia in 1956.

They reminisced that in the early days not everyone owned televisions, so quite often a visit to a neighbours house or a stop at shop windows when shopping was necessary to watch the Olympics and the Queens visit.

The group spoke of how television shaped day-to-day family lives. The consensus was that television was watched as a family and that dinner and dishes were completed in time for the nightly news broadcasts.

Over the years it did start to encroach on family time and conversation. Some bad habits such as watching television with dinner on the lap did start to creep in.

But overall, the friends spoke of how television continues to bring the world to them each day for news, entertainment, sports and momentous historic moments..

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