Home Care Reform Approaching

As the Home Care Reform approaches (27th February 2017) we are doing our best to ensure that our village residents are well informed. There are many changes as part of the reform but some of the main areas are as follows:

Home Care Providers will have unlimited home care package places –

In the past, Home Care Providers have had to apply every year for more home care package allocations. Often times, Providers would be unsuccessful or minimally successful making consumer choice limited. Home Care Providers will no longer have to apply every year as the Government have lifted any / all allocation restrictions. This allows consumers to have their Home Care Provider of choice without having to wait.

It will be based on consumer demand rather than the success of an application. This is why we are encouraging village residents (especially full pensioners) to be assessed for home care package approval….because you donĂ­t really have anything to lose!

Funding will follow the consumer –

Once approved for a Home Care package, Government funding will be directed to whichever Home Care Provider you choose. Home Care Packages will be completely portable meaning that if you have a Home Care Package with another provider, you can transfer to Cumberland View Home Care and keep any funds you have accumulated.

Consistent National approach to prioritising access to Home Care Services through My Aged Care –

There will be a streamlined, single point of entry into Aged Care Services through My Aged Care.

Unspent funds are returned to the Government and/or the Consumer –

If you have not used all of the subsidy that the Government has provided you with through your Home Care Package, it will be refunded to the Government whenever you exit your Home Care Package. If you haven’t spent the total amount of money you may have invested into your Home Care Package, it will be refunded to you whenever you exit your Home Care Package. In the past, the Home Care Provider has retained any unspent funds. So, in keeping with the times, a Home Care Provider can now charge a set Exit Fee that they determine for their own purposes.

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