Home Care Reform is right around the corner!

The Home Care Reform will be in effect from Monday, February 27. This is good news for Cumberland View Home Care because it means that we will no longer be restricted to only 26 Level 1 / 2 home care package places.

We will be able to facilitate as many packages as required at any level (1-4). It is also good news for the Home Care consumer because they will be able to have their home care provider of choice without having to wait. We currently have a waitlist of village residents who have been assessed and approved for a Home Care Package. From February 27, those individuals will be placed on the National Prioritisation Queue. This is a new process by My Aged Care which will exclude those individuals who have previously been approved for a Home Care Package but either:

a. Are not interested in accepting a Home Care Package b. Have passed away before they were offered a Home Care Package or c. Have entered residential care whilst waiting for a Home Care Package

By excluding these individuals from the queue, it will allow My Aged Care to assign Home Care Packages to those individuals who are genuinely in need of one. It will also speed up the process. Consumers will move through the queue according to two criteria. Their level of genuine need and the amount of time they have been waiting for a Home Care Package.

Once a consumer has reached the front of the queue, My Aged Care will notify them in writing that their Home Care Package is ready. The consumer then responds to My Aged Care, advising them that they would like to accept the Home Care Package and nominating who their Home Care provider is.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Home Care information session on February 15. It was the last in a series of three aimed at keeping you updated with the fast-approaching Home Care Reform. Home Care Manager, Trent Thomason will continue to provide info sessions throughout the year as the need arises.

Should you wish to discuss a Home Care Package in more detail, please contact Trent on 9790-0555 to make an appointment.

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