Celebrating Enduring Love

Valentine’s Day is an annual celebration on February 14. Many residents at Cumberland View Aged Care Living are from a generation that don’t celebrate the occasion but they still deeply care for their loved ones.

While talking to residents about the date, John and Audrey Lewis recalled the romance of their wedding day and a few funny tales that happened.

They met at a dance at Heidelberg Town Hall in 1962. Audrey was born in the UK and John in New Zealand. After courting for just 6 months they married at the Chevron Hotel on St Kilda Rd.

John was a writer for the newspapers and newspapers were important to him; The Sporting Globe came out twice a week in the Herald newspaper. On the way to his wedding, John stopped into a newsagent to see if Hawthorn had won in the AFL!

At the Chevron Hotel there was a band playing, Audrey’s father offered them money and ‘booze’ to play at his daughter’s wedding in another room. They quickly appeared and played for 30 minutes before the hotel manager discovered them and sent them packing back to the designated area!

John then lost the honeymoon plane tickets for Sydney, fortunately the airline issued new tickets for Easter Saturday. John had arranged for them to stay in a unit in Mosman, Sydney. Audrey was cooking a roast, she melted the fat in a frying pan and left it in the oven. When she opened the oven door the frying pan caught fire! The Fire Brigade was called, the frying pan was thrown out the kitchen window and Audrey hid in the bedroom!

After this auspicious start John and Audrey went on to have two children and have four grandchildren. They had many wonderful and exciting overseas trips together visiting Scandinavia, Italy, France, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, China, Thailand, Singapore, the UK and New Zealand.

They have now been married for 54 years! It is easy to see the care and love they have for each other and they say they don’t need Valentine’s Day to remind them.

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