Home Care Reform – a slow start

When the Home Care Reform commenced on 27th February, all village residents on our waitlist for a home care package were placed in the new My Aged Care ‘National Prioritisation Queue.’

My Aged Care advised that the speed in which one would move through the queue was based on two things: how long the consumer has been waiting for a home care package and their level of need. However, My Aged Care has not been able to shed any light on where exactly in the queue the consumer is, leaving many waiting for an indefinite period of time. Some have even been forced to move into residential care while they wait. Consumers have also indicated that they are confused by the letters they receive from My Aged Care and are unsure how to act on them. It is for these reasons that the Home Care Reform has received much criticism.

While Cumberland View Home Care is poised and ready to assist with the management of new home care packages, we can’t until the individual receives a letter from My Aged Care informing them that their home care package has been ‘assigned.’ At this stage, the consumer is able to contact us to begin claiming their home care package subsidy and purchasing assistance.

If you do receive a letter from My Aged Care entitled ‘Your Australian Government subsidised home care package,’ please contact Trent on 9790-0555.

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