Prince Philip retires at 96 years

On the 2nd August, The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip retired from public service.

At the age of 96, his Royal Highness has served in an official capacity for 64 years, along side his wife Queen Elizabeth.

The 91-year-old Queen, and the Duke have lessened their workload over the past few years, transferring many of their responsibilities to their son and heir Prince Charles as well as their grandsons both Princes William and Prince Harry.

Prince Philip’s retirement does not come as a surprise to most and as he said to one reporter in humor “well, I can’t stand up for much longer”, it is clear Prince Philip still has his humor and witt at the ripe old age of 96.

The palace has said Prince Philip, although not playing an active role will continue to be associated with the 780 plus organisations that he is patron of, president or a member. Prince Edward has said that the royal family will support each other and take on the roles that Prince Philip has now left open.

Prince Philip has had an outstanding, honorable royal career thus far and just a portion of this includes –

• 22,219 Solo engagements

• 5,496 Speeches given

• 54 Presentation of colours

• 14 Books authored

• 637 Solo overseas visits

• 785 organisations Patronages

• 32 Service appointments

After serving with the Royal Navy in World War II, Prince Philip has been Captain General of the marines since 1953. He has been a strong advocate for environmental and conservation issues, and also has keen interests in science, engineering and industry.

Queen Elizabeth describes Prince Philip as “my strength and stay” and will continue to have his support as well having him appear by her side from time to time.

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