Barrier Reef cruise to paradise

Sue, Carol and myself Jan, are all residents at Cumberland View Retirement Village and cruised on the wonderful P&O Pacific Dawn for 6 days with a great crowd, delicious food and exciting entertainment.

We Rode the Duck around the streets of Airlee Beach with music playing full volume singing Y.M.C.A like proper village people. We were all amazed at how the vegetation has returned after the disaster of Cyclone Debbie.

The next day we were on to Yorkies Knob for a trip up to Kuranda and the markets. There was little time for shopping but we enjoyed the scenic Train ride home. Locals were amazed that we were cruising to places that you could get to in 30 minutes by car.

We then cruised to Port Douglas where we met with friends and drove to the rainforest. While walking around in there, we were amazed that the plants down here in Victoria are only 3 feet high but they are gigantic trees up there in Port Douglas. We sat by the river and enjoyed the peace and quiet. It was then on to a delicious lunch back in town before walking along the beach. We then made the trip back to ship for the return journey to Brisbane.

Photos are of the Duck Bus, Scenic Train Station, dressed for White Night on the ship and the Gatsby Girls theme night.

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