The benefits of travelling these holidays

Travelling can be much more beneficial than just a fun activity. Those who travel tend to be more happy and active, and therefore by enjoying a trip away it can help lower the risks of many health related issues.

Travel in our later years encourages healthy aging and is linked to boosting physical, cognitive and social health in seniors.

There are so many benefits to travelling and health is just one of them. From meeting new people to discovering new cultures, it can help to stimulate the brain and boost your wellbeing. If you’re considering a trip to enlighten your senses now that you have the free time to do so, here are some great ideas for a well-deserved Australian holiday.

1. Sail away on a cruise Heading off on a cruise is a very relaxing way to travel, who doesn’t like the idea of only unpacking once and having all the marvellous ports come to you. These days cruise ships offer a huge range of activities and cater for people of all ages, giving anyone the ability to see the world with comfort and ease while also taking the hassle out of organising things yourself.

2. Caravanning around The endless opportunities that await you the moment you click in your seatbelt is why caravanning is rapidly becoming the one of the most popular activities for over 50s. From short getaways to long trips, you have the ability to go where you wish and build some long lasting friendships along the way.

3. All aboard the train With the ability to see some of Australia’s most beautiful destinations while being on board The Ghan or the Indian Pacific, why not embark on a railway trip to set your eyes on the wonderful places on offer.

Need some last minute holiday ideas for over the Christmas and New Year break?

Check out some of these interesting destinations below.

1. Pink Salt Lakes, Gippsland Victoria

Located in the far northwest corner of Victoria, the famous Pink Lakes in the Murray Sunset National Park is not to be missed! It’s a popular attraction for photographers as the colouring changes throughout the day.

2. Mungo National Park, New South Wales

Fifteen thousand years ago this vast lake dried up and wind swept storms have since created interesting rock formations. It is here that the earliest known humans remains to inhabit Australia were found.

3. Monkey Mia, Western Australia

Best known as the home of the Monkey Mia dolphins, Western Australia’s Monkey Mia Reserve is a must-see for families and nature lovers alike. Famous for their almost daily ritual of swimming to shore to interact with humans, the dolphins of WA’s Monkey Mia attract thousands of visitors to AustraliaĆ­s Shark Bay region every year.

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