Siblings Reunited

Everyone loves a heartfelt story and this one is about Sarah. V and John. H here at Cumberland View Aged Care.

A long time ago, siblings Sarah and John were separated in their early 20s. When John was of age he left his family in Belfast, Ireland and relocated to Melbourne to live. After moving around a fair bit, it was hard to keep in contact with his family and so slowly over time he lost touch with his 3 sisters, Sarah being the eldest.

Years later, Sarah and her son Mark decided to move to Australia after the passing of her husband and settled in Frankston.

This brought Sarah and John closer together and they managed to catch up occasionally, although it was difficult as by now John was living in Queensland.

As time passed Sarah’s son Mark made the move back to Belfast and Sarah decided to live to Tasmania where she remained for close to 14 years, keeping in contact occasionally with John and his family, the distance again made it hard.

Just recently, Sarah had a little hiccup with her health, so John and his Daughter Lisa, convinced Sarah to come and live with him here in the Madeline Terrace at Cumberland View Aged Care. Now in their 80s, John and Sarah have been truly reunited and now enjoy each other’s company daily, sharing childhood stories and bonding after all those years apart.

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