Creating Holiday Memories

Taking care of your grandchildren during their summer school break is a perfect way to give them and yourself some quality time together. Creating memories with them at their young age is so important as the years go by and while they have the break from school, it’s a perfect time to share the love.

Give them a glimpse into what it was like to grow up in your day; they will love to learn new things that are different to their everyday experiences. A lot of crafts are getting lost in the younger generation so why not show them how to knit, crochet, or even cross stitch?

Children also love to teach you things as they learn themselves especially in their world of constant new technology. They would love to teach you how to use their iPad or tablet to play a game or take creative photos.

Taking photos of your time together is something that both you and your grandchildren can cherish as the years pass. Making a photo album is a great way to pass the time with them and at the same time share memories, create new ones and give your family and your future families something to look back on. Try to get creative with crafts and glue and make a homemade photo album with your grandkids this summer.

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