2018 Senior Australian of the Year

Dr Graham Farquhar AO Prize winning biophysicist

Dr Graham Farquhar has been awarded 2018 Senior Australian of the Year for his work involving protecting food security at the Australian National University. One of Australia’s most distinguished scientists, Dr Graham Farquhar is using his outstanding acknowledge and abilities to give us a better understanding of photosynthesis, the very basis of life on earth. Coming from a Tasmanian farming background, he has delivered practical benefits to the agricultural sector with his passion for science. After years of study in mathematics and physics, his career was formed creating mathematical models of how plants work.

Graham has been awarded many times for his research on how water efficient crops can protect food security in a changing climate. One of most impressive works is developing a strain of wheat that can grow with less water, which will help improve world food security.

Being the first Australian recipient of the Kyoto price in 2017 (the most prestigious international award for this field), Graham is tackling some of the biggest challenges for world humanity and the environment.


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