Cruising Around Hawaii Islands

Village residents Glennis and Bernadette recently returned from an exciting holiday cruising around the Hawaii Islands. They were lucky to witness the fury of Mt Kilauea which looked even more spectacular at night against the dark background.

Another amazing moment was cruising up the Na Pali Coast which has a series of small villages that are a throwback to earlier times. While cruising in this area they were followed by a rainbow which according to the locals, doesn’t happen very often and is considered to be very lucky. The weather was misty which is understandable considering that some parts of the island receives over 600 inches per year. There were so many beautiful place they visited along the way.

The good thing about cruising is that it takes a lot of the hassle out of organising travel. After a comfy sleep, passengers often wake up in the morning and are in another place. Therefore, they have the freedom to explore the exciting new sights on offer during the day.

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