Bill Turned 103 Years and Has Some Great Advice!

Village resident Bill Morgan celebrated his 103rd birthday on 23rd October. He is the oldest person in the village.

Bill has received cards from The Queen all the way from Buckingham Palace. One of which is displayed in his living room.

He has 7 Grandchildren and 6 Great-grandchildren (and more on the way).

Bill grew up in Shepparton and has lived in the village for 20 years. He moved here to be close to friends, plus it was a great central location with good public transport.

Bill worked tirelessly throughout his career reaching out to others as a Church Minister. He was ordained in 1945 by the Presbyterian Church and retired in 1984. In this time he conducted over 60 wedding ceremonies and had the opportunity to travel twice to Vanuatu to preach his wisdom and to this day he can not forget his humbling service there.

Bill has always kept active and enjoyed playing outdoor sports. He played golf up until 5 years ago and use to partake in lawn bowls. He is a keen Western Bulldog supporter. He was also the Conveyor of Devotions Committee and on the general committee at the village.

Bill leaves a piece of advice:

“Be active mentally, physically and spiritually. There is so much you can do to help people in their time, trouble and need.”

Living by his words, Bill stated “I haven’t come to the village to die, I’ve got a lot of living to do”, and with that said, he was off to enjoy a social morning tea with his friends at the village.

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