New Funding Bid to Delay Dementia!

The Australian Government recently launched a special fund aiming to delay the onset of dementia in Australia by at least five years.

A new bid to reduce the impact of dementia is underway with up to $15 million set aside for implementing Dementia Risk Reduction and Prevention Research Priority projects. There will also be a further $3 million available to boost Australian dementia data and track prevalence and progress.

The outcome of the two grants program is very important. It could lead the way in delaying the progress of dementia and help people living with the condition, their families and carers.

Dementia claims the lives of over 13,000 men and women per year. It is fatal among females, killing more Australian women than any other condition. Statistics indicate that up to 250 people a day are developing dementia symptoms and this is expected to almost triple by 2050.

The Government is committed to contributing towards achieving the World Dementia Council’s international target of a five-year delay in average dementia onset by 2025. Therefore, the investment in finding preventative methods that work for dementia is crucial.

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