How Pearl Uses Creative Activities to Relax

Cumberland View Aged Care – Whalley Drive resident Pearl is 104 years old and has kept her creative talents sharp through drawing and colouring in.

She has enjoyed this since being a little girl and always keen to put a coloured pencil to paper which is relaxing. Being careful not to go over the lines, she recently coloured-in a beautiful, bright butterfly picture that is displayed on a wall and admired by all. At Cumberland View Aged Care, creativity is encouraged.

Colouring-in has for a long time been considered a therapeutic activity for not only children but seniors also. Colouring-in, drawing and painting evokes feelings of enjoyment, satisfaction and being relaxed. This much loved childhood pastime can be much loved later in life.

Creative activities can reduce depression, anxiety and boredom. The therapeutic value being that the participate needs to concentrate and therefore forgets their concerns. These activities can create a relaxed and meditative mood.

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