How ‘Stott’ became our wing name

Cumberland View Aged Care’s former South Wing has been renamed ‘Stott’ after local business owners George and Ann Stott from the 1800s.

In March 1868, George Stott purchased land at C.P. 95 – the north east corner of Jells and Ferntree Gully roads. It was previous owned by James Wheeler who sold the property to Peter Martin in October 1857.

George and his wife Ann Frost established the Mulgrave Post Office and General store on the corner of the site. Mail was delivered three times a week by horseback into Oakleigh along Ferntree Gully Road and incoming mail was brought back.

It was a stopping point for farmers before a 6-8 hour horse ride to the city to sell their goods.

George passed away in July 1875 with plans of gaining a hotel licence. Their possible motivation for establishing a licenced premises was from seeing customers leave the store and head south down Jells Road to the Mountain View Hotel. This hotel was situated on the north east corner of Wellington and Jells Roads and run by Rowland Fletcher Freeman.

The old store was extended into the Mulgrave Post Office Hotel. Ann applied for and was granted the first license for the Mulgrave Post Office Hotel in 1875.

In 1877, Rowland Freeman married widow Ann Stott and left his licensed hotel.

Thereafter, the hotel changed licensees and names over the years. The hotel was rebuilt in 1929 keeping much of the brick facade and is known today as The Rogue Squire (renovated in 2018-19).

More extensive hotel facilities have been built over time behind this building which is known as the Wheelers Hill Hotel.

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