The Benefits of Retirement Living

Retirement villages have experienced ever-increasing popularity over the past few years. People are living longer and retiring later in life so when they do, a retirement village can be very appealing. Places like Cumberland View are becoming more like self-contained communities with a variety of services and activities available for our retirees, allowing more independence for longer. Retirement living takes on a new meaning here. Cumberland View is one of Melbourne’s most popular villages. Set on thirty-four acres, there are beautiful gardens and lush walking paths and outdoor areas at every turn. We have a range of accommodations available to suit all variety of needs. We have dedicated staff that live onsite meaning assistance is only a short distance away. You and your loved one can move in here and socialise with other retirees. You can live entirely independently, and still have the peace of mind knowing that help is so close. Retirement living really takes on another meaning here. 

Factors to Consider For Retirement Living

When your nest is empty, and you have finally finished working, downsizing your home can be a consideration for many. A smaller house is easier to look after, allowing you more freedom to enjoy your retirement. However, you do need to take some factors into consideration before deciding where to move. The location is essential. Are friends and family still close by for visits? If you are no longer able to drive, is there access to transport so you can get around and how far away are the places you like to go? Your beloved pet is welcome to join you here at Cumberland View, however, some villages do not allow your pet to come along.  Do your research on costs as well. You want to avoid introducing financial stress now that you have finished working. Consider the fees of the apartment that is most suited to you and any additional costs for activities you are interested in, and general living expenses. After all, this is your new home, and just like buying a house, it is vital not to make a hasty decision. You want somewhere that is perfect for the lifestyle you want. Retirement living is about enjoying your time, being happy in your surroundings, and feeling secure in your choice. You can decide to continue living as you were before or relax and treat retirement like a holiday. Take a good look at your desired lifestyle, your financial situation, and your needs and wants. There are many options for you to choose from to make this next stage of your life perfect.

Connection With Others

We are genuinely proud of the community we have created here at Cumberland View. If you love connecting with others and making lasting friendships, we are sure you will love it here. We often organize social events but we also have many facilities for you to create your own socialisation opportunities. Loneliness can creep in during retirement but you will never be short of things to do at Cumberland View. We have a billiards room or a green for bowling or croquet. Our pool is heated, with plenty of space to laze around. If you prefer to keep your hands busy, we have a woodworking shed available. Our community hall has a baby grand piano for the music-lovers, and you can even organize your own event there. Spend some time outside in the gardens, create a veggie patch, or grow some beautiful flowers. Invite your neighbours down to the coffee shop and enjoy a cuppa and a laugh. If you do need to get out and about, we have the village bus to take you out for the day. You may have moved into retirement living but you are certainly not alone here.