Difference between a Lifestyle Community and a Retirement Village

When doing your research for retirement living, there is a possibility that you may have come across two different terms: retirement village and lifestyle community. While both have their pros and cons, it is important to understand that there are a few fundamental differences between the two options and depending on your needs and wants, one may be a better option than the other. Lifestyle communities has a more modern, relaxed sounding name but there is a reason that a retirement village may be a better option. In order for a community to be called a retirement village, there are requirements that it must meet, which come under a certain legislation. The majority of residents must be over fifty-five years of age and there are more solid security and safety requirements to protect those that reside there. Lifestyle communities are not expected to have as many safeguards in place and they do come under normal tenancy requirements. Retirement villages tend to have a stronger emphasis on providing services for those in their community, which is something to keep in mind when looking for a place to spend your golden years. When it comes to a retirement village, Cumberland View is one of those villages that truly has not only the safety and protection of our community in mind but we also aim to provide a place that will truly give you the best experience for your years ahead.

Quality Living

When it comes to living a long life, the years count more when they are spent living happily and healthier. Having great quality care and staying social is a great way to prevent feelings of anxiety and loneliness, especially if you are picking up new hobbies and interests which is something that a great retirement village should be able provide. This is why at Cumberland View, we are always actively encouraging our residents to get out, meet with each other and spend some time being active or engaging in new activities. Not just providing a place to live, we help our residents create and maintain healthy habits like a balanced diet and moderate daily exercise where possible to help improve health, wellbeing and helping our residents be stronger and confident. Eating healthy and keeping moving where possible also can help improve sleep quality, and that is another great way to help prevent illness. Not just focusing on the body, at Cumberland View we also know the importance of keeping the mind stimulated as it has been proven to help prevent Dementia in later years. Creating a community where residents feel comfortable, supported and looked after while also having access to ways to improve their overall quality of life is the very basis in which Cumberland View is run on. When you retire, you want to be in a space where you can now do the things that you may not have had time to do when you were working so by finding a retirement village that provides quality living, you are giving yourself the chance to enrich and living your golden years to their greatest potential.

How to Stay Safe in a Retirement Village

Unfortunately in today’s climate, there has had to be a stronger emphasis on health and safety through retirement villages. With the older population being more at risk of developing complications associated with COVID-19, a lot of fear and anxiety is to be expected. While there is no one hundred percent way to protect oneself against catching COVID-19, there are ways that any retirement village and those residing in it, can take steps to help prevent the spread and protect it’s residents. Even if you are not displaying any symptoms, it is better to be safe and take the steps to ensure the safety of those around you. Easy things like covering and sneezes or coughs with your elbow or tissue, disposing of any tissues as soon as they are used, increased hand washing after sneezing, coughing or using the bathroom as well as when you have been out and about- especially places where there are other people like cafes, shopping centres etc. – are just some of the ways to help prevent the spread. Sanitising your hands as much as you can, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces regularly, staying 1.5metres apart from those not in your household and if you are starting to feel unwell, especially if those symptoms align with COVID-19, seek medical advice.

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