Quality Retirement Village

With over thirty years in operation, Cumberland View retirement village offers the greatest level of residential aged care living with enviable facilities on offer. Conveniently located in Wheelers Hill, our residents enjoy waking up and finding views of the Dandenong Ranges in the distance. At Cumberland View retirement village we preach that better living is quality living which is why we absolutely strive to provide our residents the best quality care a retirement village can offer. For that feeling of excitement and fulfilment, we continue to offer a range of activities for our residents. With a fully equipped library, outdoor activities like croquet and lawn bowls and indoor entertainment like billiards and a large flat screen television, our residents enjoy each experience to the fullest. At Cumberland View retirement village we have created a unique environment whereby our staff and residents encourage socialising so if you’re looking to make some great new friends then you simply do not need to look any further. As we can fully appreciate that resident can also enjoy their own time, we have also thought about this too with the offering of our vegetable garden for residents to use or stroll through, the rest of the gardens in Cumberland view are always well-kept and are incredibly peaceful. Catering to a wide audience of residents, Cumberland View is sure to satisfy you or your loved ones needs.

Retirement Living

Contrary to a widely found understanding is that when you retire you receive less stimulation and boredom can also become an issue, however residents of Cumberland View retirement village are proof that this perception of retirement is not the case. As retirees begin to experience a new-found freedom, replacing work with doing everything they were not able to do while they were working is fantastic. The transition between working and moving onto retirement means you might start to become a new person and begin redeveloping in areas you could have only dreamed about while being in the workforce, raising a family or maintaining a home. Residents can take up all types of different hobbies depending on life interests. There is often the concern that our residents fear of seeing their loved ones a lot less, however with a convenient central location off the path of many corridors to Melbourne, we find Cumberland View’s location excellent to many. A lot of people who are heading into retirement or who have been retired for a while do have concerns that maybe their health may take an unexpected turn, which is while planning to move into somewhere like Cumberland View retirement village is a good idea as we have the facilities to provide healthcare personalised to each resident. The daunting options of having to downsize, sell off or moving is very typical for those who are heading into retirement as the nest becomes more empty; your kids have moved out and you might find the big open and empty spaces that little bit overwhelming to clean and maintain and the up-keep and repairs on a home can become costly. Like many of our residents who benefit from low maintenance and low stress lifestyle, Cumberland retirement village can make you feel right at home from day one.

Explore the Dandenong Ranges

Breathtaking views of Dandenong Ranges have become synonymous to Cumberland View retirement village as all residents and family members who visit our residents at Cumberland are regularly captivated by the unique view. With the disposable time you enjoy during retirement a fantastic experience is to personally get acquainted with the Dandenong Ranges. With the abundant quaint villages and spectacular garden, depending on your mobility and fitness level, you can opt explore the tall trees and gardens of the Sherbrooke Forest. Perhaps you’re not one to enjoy exploring forests or your fitness or mobility might get in the way, which is also fine, as the option of taking a ride on Australia’s oldest steam train “Puffing Billy” is all with the vicinity of the ranges. However no outing would be complete without a stop to a local teahouse for an exceptional serving Devonshire tea or a meal at one of the eateries. If you need to walk off some of the naughty calories, residents love to take a gander through the various galleries and antique shops. By now you’ve probably realised the Dandenong Ranges has something for everybody, from the fit and adventurous, to those looking for just a pleasant and relaxing day out to take in the natural beauty. Offering the most a retirement village can offer, moving to Cumberland View gives you a chance to explore the ranges on a regular basis. Your mind body and soul will be eternally grateful for choosing the right place to spend some of your most previous years. 


Christmas in July!

Residents at Cumberland View Aged Care Living enjoyed the Fun Festive Spirit!

Everyone was treated to a delicious luncheon of Christmas turkey or ham with cranberry sauce & roast veggies, prepared fresh with Love from our amazing Kitchen Team!

The Christmas tree was decorated with plenty of Christmas cheer  while singing all our favourites Christmas carols.


Winter Food Festival

Cumberland View Aged Care Celebrated our “Winter Food Festival” with a LIVE Cooking Demonstration by our Head Chef Srinath, hosted by our Lifestyle team.

Residents enjoyed learning about Srinath’s homeland, Kerala which happens to be the Spice coast of Southern India!

You could smell all the intoxicating aromas of his family Recipe of a freshly made Chicken Curry! Everyone got to sample the delicious curry while enjoying traditional Indian music.


Artists in Residence

Residents have taken part in our weekly ‘ Artists in Residence’ art group.

With every stoke of the paint brush, a masterpiece is born! There was not a blank canvas in sight.


Fiesta Fun

Residents have felt the Salsa-Spirit at our Latino Fiesta Fun Day!

Everyone has a great time having a swing at the Piñata, it was smiles all round when it exploded with lots and lots of lollies.

There was a photo booth with lots of cute props and a Latino themes afternoon tea for everyone to enjoy.


The Benefits of Retirement Living

Retirement villages have experienced ever-increasing popularity over the past few years. People are living longer and retiring later in life so when they do, a retirement village can be very appealing. Places like Cumberland View are becoming more like self-contained communities with a variety of services and activities available for our retirees, allowing more independence for longer. Retirement living takes on a new meaning here. Cumberland View is one of Melbourne’s most popular villages. Set on thirty-four acres, there are beautiful gardens and lush walking paths and outdoor areas at every turn. We have a range of accommodations available to suit all variety of needs. We have dedicated staff that live onsite meaning assistance is only a short distance away. You and your loved one can move in here and socialise with other retirees. You can live entirely independently, and still have the peace of mind knowing that help is so close. Retirement living really takes on another meaning here. 

Factors to Consider For Retirement Living

When your nest is empty, and you have finally finished working, downsizing your home can be a consideration for many. A smaller house is easier to look after, allowing you more freedom to enjoy your retirement. However, you do need to take some factors into consideration before deciding where to move. The location is essential. Are friends and family still close by for visits? If you are no longer able to drive, is there access to transport so you can get around and how far away are the places you like to go? Your beloved pet is welcome to join you here at Cumberland View, however, some villages do not allow your pet to come along.  Do your research on costs as well. You want to avoid introducing financial stress now that you have finished working. Consider the fees of the apartment that is most suited to you and any additional costs for activities you are interested in, and general living expenses. After all, this is your new home, and just like buying a house, it is vital not to make a hasty decision. You want somewhere that is perfect for the lifestyle you want. Retirement living is about enjoying your time, being happy in your surroundings, and feeling secure in your choice. You can decide to continue living as you were before or relax and treat retirement like a holiday. Take a good look at your desired lifestyle, your financial situation, and your needs and wants. There are many options for you to choose from to make this next stage of your life perfect.

Connection With Others

We are genuinely proud of the community we have created here at Cumberland View. If you love connecting with others and making lasting friendships, we are sure you will love it here. We often organize social events but we also have many facilities for you to create your own socialisation opportunities. Loneliness can creep in during retirement but you will never be short of things to do at Cumberland View. We have a billiards room or a green for bowling or croquet. Our pool is heated, with plenty of space to laze around. If you prefer to keep your hands busy, we have a woodworking shed available. Our community hall has a baby grand piano for the music-lovers, and you can even organize your own event there. Spend some time outside in the gardens, create a veggie patch, or grow some beautiful flowers. Invite your neighbours down to the coffee shop and enjoy a cuppa and a laugh. If you do need to get out and about, we have the village bus to take you out for the day. You may have moved into retirement living but you are certainly not alone here.


Art Exhibition Extravaganza

The Village has recently held an Art Exhibition! All these spectacular pieces were created by our very own residents. On the night, guests were able to purchase a masterpiece and take it home with them. All proceeds were donated to Prostate Cancer Research.

There was a surprise visit from Cumberland View Aged Care who displayed their fantastic cards created from their ‘artists in residence’ program.

A big thank you to our residents for their artwork, our art group who organised the event, the residents and staff who were involved in making this a special night. We would like to thank all our guests who attended our event.

We can’t wait for our 2020 art exhibition!

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Uber Taxi Service – A Cheaper Way To Travel!

What is Uber?

Uber has fast become a popular and cheaper alternative to the traditional taxi service. The following is a guide to help you decide whether this service is suitable for your transportation needs to and from the Village.

Uber connects passengers with a reliable ride within minutes through technology. The driver knows exactly where to go and payment is cashless. It is now operating in over 66 countries.

What are the differences between Uber and taxi services?

1. Uber drivers use their own personal cars, which are normally no older than 10 years.

2. Uber drivers do not need taxi licenses, they are ordinary people accredited by Uber and rated by customers for satisfaction.

3. You will know the driver’s details before the trip and can communicate this and your travel plans to family and friends.

4. Often drivers will provide free bottles of water or sweets as a way of providing a superior service.

How safe is Uber?

1. Uber gives you the ability to send your family and friends a location map highlighting your route and estimated time of arrival.

2. Uber provides a door-to-door service, which means staying safe and comfortable at home until your driver arrives.

3. As a credit card must be registered, payments are made automatically at the conclusion of a trip, which means a cashless transaction.

4. You know the driver’s name, number plate, photo, and customer satisfaction rating ahead of the trip.

5. There is 24/7 support for questions and concerns.

How does it work?

You will initially need to create an account via the free smartphone app or the Uber website. Credit cards details are required (taken automatically at the conclusion of the trip). You can then use the website or phone application to obtain a cost estimate and submit a trip request. This will automatically be sent to the nearest driver. The driver will come directly to your home and take you to your required location.

If you are unsure if this type of service is for you or if you feel this type of technology is a little daunting, speak to family members or someone who has experienced the service and can assist with creating an account.

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Artists in Residence

We had some beautiful cards printed using the magnificent paintings and artwork created by our residents at Cumberland View Aged Care. The artists behind these masterpieces reside within our Bellenden Wing, specifically for dementia care.

These cards are selling for $10 for a pack of 5 and all proceed will go towards purchasing new art supplies. Please contact Cumberland View Aged Care if you would like to purchase a pack.

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10 Top Foods to Help Prevent Dementia

Did you know that there are certain foods that you can eat that could help you fight the onset of dementia?

There is a scientific diet that claims to help prevent dementia and the loss of brain function as we age. This diet is called the MIND (Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay) diet.

Here is a list of the top 10 foods that this diet suggests for you to include in your diet:

• Green, leafy vegetables. This includes kale, spinach, cooked greens and salads.

• All other vegetables. The best types of vegetables are the ones with less starch because they have a lot of nutrients with a low number of calories.

• Berries such as strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries because they are rich in antioxidants

• Nuts

• Olive oil. You can use olive oil as your main cooking oil.

• Whole grains, like oatmeal, quinoa, brown rice, whole-wheat pasta and 100% whole-wheat bread.

• Fish. Fatty fish like salmon, sardines, trout, tuna and mackerel are great options as they have high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids.

• Beans, including lentils and soybeans.

• Poultry including lean chicken and turkey

• Wine (in moderation). Both red and white wine may benefit the brain.

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