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A lifetime of love

Eugene and Wendy are some of our wonderful residents who live here at Cumberland View Village. They have celebrated many wedding anniversaries together, and just in time for Valentine’s Day, they share their best-kept secrets and advice that only a lifetime of love could bring.

Wendy & Eugene Cv Wendy & Eugene Cv


Eugene and Wendy’s love story began with a chance encounter in 1961, when Eugene was performing with his band at a nightclub and Wendy, surrounded by her girlfriends, was enjoying the music filling the air. It was during the night that Eugene approached their table and introduced himself. Following that night, their relationship blossomed and they were married three years later.

They have celebrated many years of companionship and share their secret to sustaining a lasting and loving relationship: communication. ‘Without it, you don’t know what the other is thinking, feeling, or wanting,’ Wendy says.

‘Being affectionate and spending time together on common interests is also the key to a successful partnership,’ they share. When times are quiet, Wendy and Eugene enjoy playing cards together at home, ‘It’s better than watching TV!’ Wendy adds.

Romantic gestures have also been a part of their love story as Wendy reflects on a time Eugene bought her something special. ‘After our second child was born, Eugene gave me an outdoor chair,’ Wendy says. ‘It was the thought he put into the gift that meant so much to me. I got very emotional, and I continue to think about it today.’

Wendy shares that one year, ‘Eugene also brought back a beautiful ring from Italy.’ Her ring is now a symbol of their shared journey, and she continues to wear it today.

On Valentine’s Day, Eugene and Wendy’s enduring love story reminds us that love withstands the test of time as they continue to love and care for one another.