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A place to call home

Ever wondered what life at our home looks like? For residents at Cumberland View, no two days are the same. With a range of activities and events happening round the clock, there’s always something for residents to look forward to.

At Cumberland View, we understand that placing a loved one into care can be a difficult decision often associated with guilt and stress, and that finding the right home for a loved one is important. Rest assured, we are dedicated to ensuring a positive and supportive environment for our residents’ well-being.

Cumberland View Aged Care resident, Fran Thompson, shares her journey about her transition into care and what life is like at the home.

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Fran’s move to Cumberland View wasn’t just a change of residence, it was a change of lifestyle and comfort. ‘I am grateful for having a roof over my head, especially after my home in Queensland was lost in a flood,’ she reflects. The decision to move closer to her daughter proved to be a comforting choice for Fran as she gets to see her daughter more often. Since making the move to Cumberland View, Fran finds joy in socialising with new friends and participating in daily activities that bring joy to her daily life.

While the prospect of moving into care initially brought about some nervousness, Fran quickly discovered that Cumberland View became more than just a home; it was a community. ‘When I first arrived, I was a bit nervous and scared about the change in my living arrangements and what this would mean, I didn’t know I would adapt as my eyesight is not the best and change isn’t always easy,’ she admits. However, the support from both staff and other residents helped her to settle in. ‘I found that it didn’t take long to fit in, make friends, and get used to my new home,’ says Fran.

Friendship quickly blossomed for Fran through engaging in daily activities at the home. ‘I am a very social person, and so I found it easy to make friends,’ says Fran. ‘I talk to anyone and everyone and enjoy a good chat.’ The friendships formed within daily activities and events not only provide entertainment but also a sense of belonging for Fran. ‘I’ve got so many things to choose from as well as my family support, that I do not have time to get lonely,’ says Fran.

When reflecting on the staff at Cumberland View, Fran says, ‘I find many of the staff here are great. If I need to ask for help or assistance, I know who to talk to and where to go. I get along with many of the staff and enjoy a good chat, whether it be in my apartment as they come and go, or when I’m out and about in the main lounge and dining areas. I feel supported and respected.’

For those considering placing a loved one into care, Fran offers reassuring words based on her experience. ‘When I moved from Queensland to move into a care home, my daughter and I went looking at many of the aged care homes in the area,’ she says. ‘After careful consideration, we chose Cumberland View and do not regret it.’ The presence of a helping hand whenever needed, and a variety of engaging activities, make Cumberland View a unique place to call home.

Our dedicated team at Cumberland View are here to guide and support residents and their families when making the move into care. If you’re considering aged care for you or a loved one, book a private tour of our home and have all your questions answered by our friendly team.