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The benefits of a retirement village

Cumberland Retirement Village is an exceptional place to live if you are seeking a quality retirement village. If it’s time for you to move out of your existing property and into a retirement village then it’s a great place to choose to live. Downsizing your residence and daily costs of living, Cumberland View offers vast benefits. You can live independently and with home care services at the tip of your fingers and be social with the other residents.

There’s a range of activities to engage in such as tending to the vegetable garden, watching television, enjoying the library, wandering throughout the vast land that makes up Cumberland Retirement Village and there’s always a game of croquet, billiards or lawn bowls.

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Cumberland View also has a hydrotherapy spa, barbeque facilities for a social gathering around a good old fashioned barbeque or you can soak up the sun while reading a good book. The choice is endless with Cumberland View Retirement Village and retirement has never looked so good than it does with our facility. The residence is designed to be low maintenance for you and safe and secure. You can lock up and leave to go on vacation knowing your home will be safe and secure while you’re away.

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Considerations for Retirement Living

When considering retirement living, look at a retirement village that offers a plethora of things to do, independent living and home care services such as for aged care living. Your beloved pet as a your family member is welcome to stay with you in our retirement village, however some retirement villages do not permit this. So if you have a pet and are considering a retirement village, consider one that lets you have your dog or cat with you.

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Access to transport is another factor to consider and Cumberland View has easy access to transport and a village bus that takes you to the shops. Just like buying a house, consider the fees of the retirement village. You want one that doesn’t take so much of your hard earned money so don’t make a hasty decision when it comes to retirement living.

Take a good look at your financial situation, your desired lifestyle and your requirements and desires for living. Ensure that there are no additional costs other than what has transparently been articulated to you. A smaller residence makes it easier to look after so downsizing from your home is a wise idea and a consideration when looking at retirement villages.

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Home Care

Home care services are a fantastic advantage to our Cumberland Retirement Village and with our aged care retirement village, you can rest assured your needs will be well taken care of. We have twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week in-home call systems for your requirements and medical practitioners to see should you need a doctor or Physiotherapist.

Our Home Care Manager is able to organise a home care services package to suit your individual needs offering full support or just a little and we actively promote exercise sessions to help you with mobility. You may be required to make a small contribution towards your home care services package, however it is small and not overly costly so we ensure that you are well cared for.


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Independent living with home care services at your fingertips is a great advantage of Cumberland View retirement village. Home Care Level one is to support individuals with basic care needs while level two supports people with low level care needs. Home Care Level three is to support people with moderate care needs and requirements and home care level four helps people with high needs.

Cumberland View utilises qualified agencies and funding is provided by the Federal Governments Department of Social Services. Our home care services are accredited and our professionals suitably-qualified to practice. For a quality retirement village with independent living and home care services, look at the local Cumberland View where retirement living is a joy.