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Caring to make a difference

On International Nurses Day we recognise the wonderful work of our caring, professional, and compassionate nurses and thank them for their endless dedication to the care of our residents.

Patricia Cooper, is a Cumberland View Retirement Village resident and former nurse and she shares what inspired her to enter nursing and what drove her in her career.

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Why did you choose to do nursing as your chosen career and what does it mean to you?

I wanted to do something worthwhile – I had been doing some clerical work –  went back to study and did three years nursing training (hospital based) at Bethesda Hospital – a private hospital in Richmond. I was 17 ½ years. We had many top specialist doctors visiting, so benefited from their expertise.

What did you enjoy most about nursing?

Caring mostly – learning how to ease pain – often by position points, talking – learning about life in general. Learning anatomy and physiology.

Knew I could make a difference. Later, when I was 40 I went back to university for further studies which were very enjoyable and improved my skills in all areas.

What is the most challenging about being a nurse?

Shift work is sometimes a problem – 6 am starts, broken shifts i.e. four hours am, then 2-3 hours break and back to work for four more hours. Night duty and evening shifts – you get used to this!!

Accepting that sometimes you can’t help all people, just being there is often the best. Also knowing that everyone is different.