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What’s cooking at Cumberland?

For many of us, enjoying our food is more than just fulfilling our hunger, it’s about the experience, the joy, and the relaxing comfort we feel when we eat. For residents at Cumberland View Aged Care, not only do they get to enjoy the delicious and nutritious food from the menu as created by Head Chef, Sumith, and the kitchen team, but they also get to help craft the menu so that every meal is catered to their preferences.

Chef Sumith says that he takes careful preparation to create the menu but the purpose of his planning ensures that him and his team can deliver food that is appropriate for the resident’ dietary demands and medical conditions as approved by allied health professionals, while ensuring they feel satisfied after every meal.

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‘I think the most important aspect of being a chef in an aged care facility is ensuring that all food served is safe and nutritious while maintaining a dining environment that is relaxed and inviting,’ says Sumith.

‘I take great care when preparing their meals and we take all resident feedback with current and new menu items and try to improve our techniques and meal variety. Likewise, we use fresh ingredients that are in season and maintain a great relationship with our suppliers to ensure we only get best quality ingredients for our residents.’

Sumith says that the trick to being able to cater to so many different palates is through collaboration from him, the kitchen team, and residents. ‘Through feedback from monthly resident meetings, quarterly food surveys and collaboration with families and allied health professionals, we are able to identify trends and food preferences of our residents,’ says Sumith.

‘Likewise, we are very lucky to have proactive consumers and relatives who provide constructive feedback and offer suggestions on how we can continuously improve our flavours and service.’

To find out more about nutritional wellness at our home, please speak to our friendly team on 03 9795 9154.