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For many of us, food is such a joyful part of our daily life, and the quality of our food contributes to our overall physical and mental well-being. At Cumberland View Aged Care, residents enjoy the variety of foods on the menu as crafted by our wonderful Head Chef, Sumith, and the kitchen team.

Sumith has been Head Chef at Cumberland View since September 2021, and has formed special relationships with many residents to prepare and deliver high-quality food at every meal.

Sumith tells us that the design of the menu consists of two options for lunch; including one protein, or a light, vegetarian option, and dinner consists of three options, including sandwiches. Sumith says, ‘Each choice is based on nutrition, taste and of course feedback from our residents.’ He also tells us that the kitchen cater for all dietary requirements including significant cultural dishes.

‘Our highest priority is residents’ choice and feedback when choosing a new menu,’ he says. ‘We send out a list of 10 possible meals for our new fresh menu and the top six votes are then offered during a special “tasting session” held in our concert area. It’s a great chance for face-to-face feedback.’

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For Cumberland View resident, Margaret Hull, having built a relationship with the Chef also helps ensure that her and other residents are receiving high-quality meal options as well as the comfort knowing who is cooking and delivering their meals. ‘I really enjoy the food here at Cumberland View because it is just like my home cooking,’ Margaret says. ‘Many of the recipes are the same ones I cooked before coming here to my new home. I love the variety of food offered, the wonderful atmosphere in the dining room and the happy chit chat over good food with great people.’

Our kitchen team work closely with the leisure and lifestyle department to create a menu for each unique themed day or event happening throughout the year such as Christmas, Easter, Australia Day as well as smaller in-house themed days like Pancake Tuesday. Sumith says, ‘Feedback on these special days is most welcome,’ so that he and his team can prepare the menu in line with resident preferences.

For Margaret, eating a meal is also about socialising with other residents at the home. ‘My favourite meal is a meal shared with friends,’ she says. ‘It’s a lovely and relaxing time.’

When asked what she likes most about the food at Cumberland View, Margaret replies, ‘I can honestly say I have never had a meal I didn’t like since moving in.’ ‘As for my favourite, well I don’t have a sweet tooth, I don’t have a savoury tooth, I have a food tooth, I like all kinds of food,’ she jokes.

To see more of all the wonderful food enjoyed by residents, be sure to follow us on Facebook or contact us on (03) 9795 9154 to find out more.

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