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From wedding party to wedding bells

Joan And Les Joan And Les


They say a wedding is the perfect place to meet someone new and for Joan and Les that was certainly the case when they found themselves best man and bridesmaid at their mutual friend’s wedding in 1956.

They had their first date at Hotel Australia in Martin Place, Sydney, and the pair had much in common as they had both served in the Air Force – Joan in the WAF and Les in the RAAF.

After a whirlwind courtship Les popped the question six months later and less than a year after they first met, they married, in January 1957. Shortly after they moved to Melbourne with the Air Force.

The couple recently celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary and with their apartment at Cumberland View full of flowers, it was the perfect time to reflect on their lifelong love story.

When asked what the romantic secret to their long and happy marriage was, they both agreed that coming from a military background and getting comfortable with moving homes every couple of years only added to the adventure.

Joan shared that her and Les’ family were very close, and their support made sharing life’s ups and downs much easier.

Les says that he and Joan just ‘get each other’ which has also been a key factor to a long and happy marriage.

When Joan was asked what a romantic surprise for Les would look like, she said she would like to take him to Pambula beach as that was always a romantic paradise. While Les said he would take Joan on the most luxurious cruise he could find, or a lovely trip back to the north coast of New South Wales.