Cv Aged Care Respite 11 (2)

Home is where the heart is

Strong family connections are important in our lives, and as we grow older, having a close-knit family becomes even more special. Cumberland View Aged Care resident, John Christie, openly shares his love for his family where he enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren.

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‘I was born in the UK, and during the war my mum, my brother, and I lived with my grandparents as my dad was with the Royal Army Medical Corps,’ John says. Reflecting on his early years, John recalls travelling by ship to meet his father who was stationed in Greece. ‘Dad boarded the ship greeting us with the news that we were staying aboard, and we went to live in Egypt instead.’ John tells us that he remembers going to school in Egypt, and how different it was from the UK. One of his most vivid recollections of his time there, was when he saved a girl from drowning in the Nile delta. ‘I was awarded a silver cross for that,’ he shares.

As a young boy, John travelled with his family around Australia and back to the UK, attending a total of 23 different schools before university. ‘My understanding of the world around me was greatly influenced by this travel, as was my ability to starting anew,’ he says. This was especially important in 1973 when cyclone Tracy wiped out his home and workplace in Darwin.

John and his family had returned to the UK as John was finishing his master’s degree, and upon returning to Darwin, he and his wife Christine decided to move to Melbourne where they settled in Glen Waverley. ‘I have three lovely children: David, Helen, and Jane,’ John says. ‘David and Helen were born in Darwin, and Jane in the UK. I love that Christine and I were able to give our family a solid base in Glen Waverley, without further moving about.’ For John, balancing work, family, and personal life was important, and he remembers looking forward to the weekends when he could spend quality time with his family.

Now living at Cumberland View, John still looks forward to spending time with his family, which includes his grandchildren. ‘I love the noise, laughter, and chatter,’ he shares. ‘I have been blessed with 8 grandchildren, Ava and Joel, Daniella and Jessica, Matthew, Eliana, Isaac, and Caitlyn. I am very proud of my children and their families.’

John tells us that he has made some very good friends since moving to the home. ‘To me, family means blood relations, but I feel part of a community here, and I look forward to seeing my friends each day.’