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Nursing with love

On International Nurses Day we recognise the wonderful work of our caring, professional, and compassionate nurses and thank them for their endless dedication to the care of our residents.

Param Kaur is the Clinical Care Coordinator at Cumberland View Aged Care and she shares what inspired her to enter nursing and what drives her in her career.

Param Kaur Param Kaur


Why did you choose to do nursing as your chosen career and what does it mean to you?

I wanted to pursue something in my career that is hard, engaging, and makes a daily impact in people’s lives. In the nursing profession, I deal with numerous elements of patient care, and I appreciate the variation in the routine.

What do you enjoy most about working as a Clinical Care Coordinator at the home?

I always wanted to be a clinical lead because I want a profession where I can truly observe the impact of my work on the patients I serve. I am a people-person with authentic empathy for others, and the position of clinical care coordinator is ideally tailored to my inherent characteristics. Because I appreciate collaborating with others, the hours are very accommodating to my personal life, and the position provides me with a great deal of variety.

I am a resilient individual who desires to be pushed and challenged in my work, and I believe I would be tired seated in an office every day doing the same thing. I enjoy the enormous responsibility that comes with being a care coordinator, as well as the opportunity to influence how the treatment and care of patients evolve and progress within the healthcare organisation I am part of.

What is a special memory you have so far from your nursing career?

I would enter the patient’s room while caring for a palliative care patient. The members of the family were either sitting quietly or sobbing. I explained to the family that hearing is one of the last senses to vanish. I asked about the patient, his life, and any amusing stories. I urged them to speak with him and revisit those experiences. The mood significantly altered after that discussion. Oftentimes throughout my shift, I would come and hear laughter, or hear great stories about his life.

Obviously, it was a tragic circumstances, but letting the family know it was okay to speak to him, talk about his life, and laugh about the memories helped everyone get through the worst day of their lives.