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Man’s best friend

One of the most important topics amongst the elderly population is combatting loneliness and for many residents, a challenging aspect of moving into care is not being able to be with their pets on a daily basis. Our furry friends are special as they love us unconditionally, they are excited to see us, and they love to provide, and receive, affection.

At Cumberland View, allowing pets to come into the home is a large part of the lifestyle program as it provides many emotional benefits to residents. Pets are allowed into our home as we believe that all animal lovers should continue to have that joy. We encourage families of residents to bring their furry friends in to visit residents, and we know it’s a highlight for the pet to receive many pats and hugs. In each terrace, we have large fish tanks that provide a serene and calming environment for residents all year-round. Additionally, we host visits from animal organisations such as Henny Penny Hatchlings throughout the year, allowing residents to care for baby chicks who hatch and grow over the course of a few weeks.

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Cumberland View resident, Margaret, reflects on the pets she had throughout her life. She recalls that her family adopted a fox terrier, Felix, when she was four years old. She told us that when her brother moved out of home, he took Felix with him as they were very close, and he was moving to a large property in Omeo for Felix to have room to run around.

Margaret also had dogs for companionship throughout her married life as her husband would be gone during the week for work and her dogs helped her feel safe. But for now, Margaret tells us how much she loves it when anyone brings pets into the home.

‘My daughter Deb has a dog and it’s a Cavoodle, Honey Bunch, and she brings Honey Bunch in to visit me often,’ she says. ‘It is very nice company for me and I get to give her cuddles and pats. She’s a very friendly dog and it makes me happy when she brings her in because it triggers memories from when I had my dogs.’

When asked about the pet companionship activities at Cumberland View, Margaret replied, ‘It just brings feelings of joy, love and happy memories.’

Nothing beats the love of an animal. They are our best friends and we love all animals visiting our home.

Pet Companionship Pet Companionship