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Maurice bowls us over

At Cumberland View, exercise and movement is a major part of the leisure and lifestyle program designed to enhance strength, coordination and balance, and increase social activity among residents. As we head into the beautiful autumn months, residents enjoy walking in the gardens observing the stunning nature and surrounds of the unique home.

With daily exercise classes, seated Tai Chi and Yoga, there are various ways for residents to get involved and keep fit. Combining music and exercise such as ‘Movement to Music classes and Beat It Drumming Group’, gets residents singing and dancing along to various tunes.

Residents also like to get a little competitive with ten pin bowling, golf putting, and carpet bowls held weekly in the concert area.

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For resident, Maurice, exercise had always been a large part of his life before moving to Cumberland View. ‘I have always been active and used to run from Glen Huntly into the city as part of my training. I played baseball in St. Kilda as well as cricket and football and loved it all. I was the secretary of my baseball and football clubs, so the social side and team spirit were very important to me,’ says Maurice.

When asked what his favourite exercise is at Cumberland View, Maurice responds, ‘My favourite exercise? That’s like asking me my favourite food. I love all food and I love all the exercises here at Cumberland. I get a great sense of achievement when I exercise. Working with the physio’s each day as well as all our group activities keeps me fit’. Maurice gets around the home in a wheelchair but is working hard with the physiotherapist team to gain back strength in his legs.  He says he has, ‘so much fun,’ with all the exercise classes, adding, ‘It is great that at Cumberland View I can continue to stay active and be part of a group because this is still very important to me’.

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The social aspect of the movement program is important to ensure residents meet new people and have a laugh with friends. Maurice says, ‘I have made many friends meeting up for exercise class and playing carpet bowls. It’s a team effort and we all applaud giving encouragement even if we are on opposite teams’. After each activity, residents enjoy a lovely cup of tea or coffee to wind down with other residents making the movement program the perfect social outlet too.

From a social aspect, Maurice says, ‘All the great activities keep me motivated and give me something to look forward to each day’.

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