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Meet our Sales Manager, An

On this special occasion of Aged Care Employee Day, we asked our wonderful Sales Manager, An Dang, to share her journey through working with older Australians and what she loves most about working at Cumberland View Retirement Village.

What do you like most about working at Cumberland View Village?

I’m extremely honored and blessed to be working at Cumberland View Village, as it’s not just a ‘job’ to me, it’s been my second family since I started working here back in March 2019.

I love all the Residents here, as they are friendly and have the freedom to shine and be their own unique selves, and we have a nice mix of people and all different ages.

We have a great team here who are willing to go above and beyond for our residents, from Eva and Alli at Reception, our nurses, Sheelagh and Julie, Nick our Village Manager, Drew, Tony, Brad and Peter for maintenance, Ricky and Brent our bus drivers, and Yvonne for keeping our community centre clean.

There’s no other place like Cumberland View and I don’t think I would have the privilege of meeting such special people (both past and present), if it wasn’t for working in the village.

What do you love most about helping run events at the Village?

I love how Cumberland View Village fosters a sense of community and our events brings lots of residents together, creating priceless smiles on their faces. It also offers outsiders the chance to experience village life simply by engaging in conversations with our residents.

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What is a special memory you have from working at Cumberland View?

Helping people with the next chapter of their lives. For some it’s their last move and their forever home here at Cumberland View.

Most recently, assisting new residents, Faye and her husband George, into their new home. We then had Faye introduce her sister, Linda, and her husband Geoff, from Traralgon to the village. They now live a few doors down from one another, just like the good old days. They have settled in well and enjoy the weekly line dancing, the table of knowledge, our weekly happy hours and attending monthly resident dinners. Linda has mentioned it’s the best thing they have ever done. We are blessed to have such wonderful new additions to our Village.

It sounds cliche, but every day at Cumberland View is special.

What special bond have you made with residents at the Village?

The beauty of our community at Cumberland View Village is that every resident is unique, and we treat them like our own family or friends. We share laughter together and can have meaningful discussions on serious topics. The key is the comfort we feel in each other’s presence, fostering genuine connections and a warm, supportive environment.

Why is Cumberland View Village a unique place to work?

There’s no other place like Cumberland View Village, it comes down to the wonderful people.

Not to mention the beautiful grounds and open space set on 34 acres, with established trees and natives.

Cumberland View feels like home to me.

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