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Celebrating milestone birthdays at Cumberland View

We love celebrating birthdays here at Cumberland View, and this month we celebrate two very special milestone birthdays for residents, Wilma (98) and Bill (107).

As long-term residents here at Cumberland View Village, Wilma and Bill share their stories about their lives, how they came to live at the village, and how it has enriched their lives.

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Bill’s story

Bill grew up in Footscray in Melbourne’s north and was one of seven children, with five brothers and one sister. His father owned an engineering firm and would work long hours whilst his mother was busy running the household.

Bill was an active child who enjoyed going to school, playing sport and spending time with his family and friends. His Saturday mornings growing up consisted of attending the Capital Theatre in Melbourne paying $6 to watch Charlie Chaplin, Tom Mix and Rin Tin Tin, along with other silent movies.

When Bill reached the age of 16, he said he ‘accepted Jesus Christ as [his] saviour, which changed everything,’ as he later became a Presbyterian minister in 1944. Bill married his lovely wife in 1947 and together they had three children.

Bill retired as minister in 1984 and later joined the Cumberland View community in 1998. He says he chose to come to Cumberland View as he knew some other people in the village, enjoys the green open space and gardens overlooking the Dandenong ranges, and likes that village facilities are close by. Another bonus for Bill is that he can remain living independently in his home with the support of home care services that he receives through the village.

‘I have continued to make friends and join in activities whilst living at Cumberland View which is very enjoyable. The home care I receive also helps me feel supported whilst I live in my unit,’ says Bill.

Bill, who is the oldest man in Victoria, recently celebrated his 107th birthday and when asked what the most important lesson he’s learned in life is, his response was, ‘to always care for others’.

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Wilma’s story

As an active and social member of our Cumberland View Village community since 1996, Wilma has been president of our residents committee twice, a member of the social and fundraising committee, and is a village emergency warden and ambassador.

Growing up, Wilma was very close to her family, in particular her brother and sister, and likes to keep in contact with her loved ones.

Wilma says joining the Cumberland View community was one of the best choices she made in life. She finds herself busier than the days she was working as she joins in on many village activities and attends most social events. Her life at Cumberland View has helped her to create new friendships while feeling safe in a secure environment.

Wilma recently celebrated her 98th birthday and when asked what the most important lesson she’s learned in life is, her response was, ‘to think of others before yourself. If you make others happy, you’re happy too’.

We wish both Bill and Wilma a very happy birthday!