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Why we made the move to Cumberland View

At Cumberland View, we believe that the best thing about retirement is freedom and choice. Planning that next step into your retirement journey may feel overwhelming with important life decisions to be made, but did you know that our village also offers aged care and home care onsite so that you can be in control over your future.

Our village is set on 34 acres of green open space where we also share our grounds with Cumberland View Aged Care and Cumberland View Home Care. We encourage residents to design a lifestyle that is unique to them and so that they make the most out of their day.

Cumberland View Retirement Village resident, Ken, moved to the village in June 2021 as he recognised that he needed extra help, but also wanted to downsize to low maintenance living. Continue reading below to find out more about Ken’s experience since moving into the village and how having access to home care and aged care has been the best move for his retirement journey.

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What do you like most about Cumberland View?

Finding a balance between the enriching activities within Cumberland View Retirement Village and engaging with the local community has truly enhanced my life. The sheer enjoyment of participating in carpet bowls every Saturday and the anticipation of our monthly resident dinners has added a delightful rhythm to my routine.

Beyond the village, being an active member of external local groups allows me to experience the best of both worlds. The sense of connection and involvement in various circles adds a vibrant dimension to my days, contributing to a truly satisfying and well-rounded lifestyle.

Why did you decide to make the move to Cumberland View?

In June 2021, I made the exciting move to Cumberland View Retirement Village. My move to the village was motivated by a heartfelt decision. The presence of the aged care home on the same site played a pivotal role, as I had reached a point where I could no longer provide the necessary care for my beloved wife, Lorna. This thoughtful choice not only ensured Lorna’s well-being but also eased the burden on me during a challenging time. The convenience and comfort of having comprehensive care options within close proximity were pivotal factors in making this significant life decision.

Also recognising the need for a bit of extra help, I applied for Cumberland View Home Care in March 2022. Surprisingly, within just around a month, my application for home care assistance was approved. Now, with the support I need with cleaning, life has become much easier and more enjoyable.

What do you like most about having access to aged care and home care within the village?

The relief I feel knowing that my wife Lorna is receiving the care she deserves at Cumberland View Aged Care is immeasurable. Entrusting her well-being into capable hands has lifted a significant weight off my shoulders. The exceptional quality of the home care assistance, particularly with the cleaning aspect, has added an extra layer of comfort to my life.

It’s truly heartening to witness the dedication and competence of the support provided, which allows me to focus on spending quality time with Lorna without the added concerns. This comprehensive care arrangement has significantly improved both our lives, granting us the peace of mind and assistance we genuinely needed.