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World Diabetes Day – supporting residents to live well

A diabetes diagnoses can be life changing, but with the right support it can be very manageable. For many older people who might be struggling to manage their condition at home, moving to aged care means they have the best possible support they need to continue to live well.

Cumberland View Aged Care takes a holistic approach to support the health of all residents, including those living with diabetes.

It’s important to assess every aspect of the person living with diabetes. From exercise, diet, medication, and insulin management., The team at Cumberland View take the time to speak to residents to better understand their needs and preferences so that they receive the support they need to manage their condition.

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Zoe, one of the wonderful, registered nurses at Cumberland View Aged Care shares her experience of supporting residents at the home with their diabetic management.

‘As a nurse, it is very important to monitor residents with diabetes because the illness is life changing, but with the right support, it is very manageable. Testing for blood glucose levels (BGL), as well as being alert to any behavioural changes that a drop or increase in BGL can cause are key. Supporting someone with diabetes is not just a nursing responsibility but requires a multidisciplinary team.

Consulting with nursing, clinical care, dieticians, GP reviews and documentation are all part of following industry standards in care. Continuous education and keeping up to date with the latest online modules for training are intrinsic to providing the care required to safely monitor residents living with diabetes.’