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World Music Day at Cumberland View Aged Care

The residents at Cumberland View Aged Care enjoy all kinds of music so World Music Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate what music means to us and the role it plays in the wellbeing of our residents.

Music is part of our everyday activities whether it be live musicians, live zoom concerts or listening to music played in our lounge area and residents look forward to attending weekly concerts performed by regular artists, Steph Renouf, Jack the music man, Laurel McKenna, and Mel Manuel.

A variety of activities incorporating music are on offer to residents and include ‘beat it movement and music’ sessions, seated Tai Chi accompanied by slow paced, relaxing music, or YouTube concerts in the lounge where various artists are showcased.

Not only do residents enjoy the regular musical entertainment, but there is also a wealth of musical talent among the residents themselves. They are encouraged to share their love of music with others, as well as to play for their own enjoyment.

Ken and Joan are two of the talented residents at Cumberland View who have shared what music means to them.

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Ken’s story

Ken loves everything to do with music and regularly has music on his in room or can often be found playing on his keyboard. He is very proud of his extensive music collection and says, ‘Music just makes me feel good’.

‘During leave from the army in 1954, I remember I walked past a pawn shop and saw a harmonica and mouth organ in the window. I had never tried these before and wanted to give them a go,’ said Ken. It wasn’t long before he discovered he had a natural talent for the harmonica which he still plays today.

Not only a talented musician, Ken also developed a passion for ballroom, becoming a dance instructor which allowed him to combine two of his great loves. ‘Music gives me purpose, I love it, put it that way’, he says.

Click here to watch Ken play the Harmonica

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Joan’s story

Joan has been singing since Sunday school choir. Growing up, she was part of two choirs, one in Oakleigh, and one in Melbourne, where she also made lifelong friends. For over twenty years, she performed weekly at nursing homes. Joan also plays a little bit of piano but prefers to sing and is known to break into song at any given moment because of the joy it brings her.

Joan is the first person to arrive for any of the concerts and is one of the most enthusiastic participants, and this is something she loves to share with others.

Joan said her favourite song is the hymn, ‘Abide with me’ because the words are lovely, and she loves to sing it out loud and is always happy to share her passion for music with other delighted residents.

Whilst residents will embrace lots of singing and dancing on World Music Day, the reality is that every day is music day at Cumberland View Aged Care.